Unique boxes



If we have any one-off rigid boxes available, photo, description and price will be found here.

We will also be sourcing standard item wooden boxes – page link will appear here when this begins.

Both a regular Rainring pack together with a reading cloth, and a standard Rainring tuck-box full of cards will fit into all items found here. However, the heavier card boxes which we also supply may not always fit.

NOTE: As you will know if you have tried, one-off boxes to fit Rainring cards are not easy to come by. This is why boxes and indeed all types of containers are offered only to customers buying cards, not as separate items. Postage charges for combined cards+box may not always increase – see rainringcards shop for price details

X006 Cheap, cheerful and light. Does the job, but we won’t say more! price £5.00



X015 Vintage – pretty fabric-lined, decorated lid sewing-style box, 1920s or ’30s. Width fits cards, length leaves a little extra space. Price: £20.00



X022 – Antique Middle-Eastern felt-lined metal box – a real classy item – the best box I’ve found so far to fit Rainring cards. Price: £45.00



X025 – solid, seasoned oak box with inlay to lid. Modern, probably Chinese, but well-made and the right size.  price: £20.00



X028 – Vintage Indian box – usual wood used for these, but a particularly nice design.  And fits our cards, which they rarely do! Price £20.00


X030 – vintage box, apparently of African origin. Guess 1960s judging by the patina.  Carved top and sides, bees-waxed. Standard boxed cards are a perfect fit in this one. I was really tempted to keep this one for myself. A gem. £35.00

African box

African 2