Unique boxes



If we have any one-off rigid boxes available, photo, description and price will be found here.

We also source standard item plain wooden boxes, though these can also be ordered painted, making each a one-off item

Both a regular Rainring pack together with a reading cloth, and a standard Rainring tuck-box full of cards will fit into all items found here. However, the heavier card boxes which we also supply may not always fit.

NOTE: All types of containers are offered only to customers buying cards, not as separate items. Postage charges for combined cards+box may not always increase – see rainringcards shop for price details

X006 Cheap, cheerful and light. Does the job, but we won’t say more! price £5.00



X015 Vintage – pretty fabric-lined, decorated lid sewing-style box, 1920s or ’30s. Width fits cards, length leaves a little extra space. Price: £20.00



X022 – Antique Middle-Eastern felt-lined metal box – a real classy item – the best box I’ve found so far to fit Rainring cards. Price: £45.00



X025 – solid, seasoned oak box with inlay to lid. Modern, probably Chinese, but well-made and the right size.  price: £20.00



X028 – Vintage Indian box – usual wood used for these, but a particularly nice design.  And fits our cards, which they rarely do! Price £20.00