Unique one-off card holders

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We are pleased to be able to offer a limited number of non-standard containers for packs of Rainring cards. These fall into two categories – first, wooden or other boxes (often vintage) which you would normally use at home, and which represent an ideal way of keeping your cards protected from dust, damage and misadventure. Second, there are bespoke solutions for carrying your cards around. We are always on the lookout for attractive fabric bags, and for an all-weather solution, can sometimes offer leather.

These are always priced individually and are each sold ONLY TOGETHER WITH A PACK OF CARDS

When purchasing, it is necessary to specify the code number given on this site. Here are the links for these items;

unique fabric bags

unique leather bags

unique boxes

unique purses/pouches

Standard bespoke

Sounds odd?  We are looing at the possibility of offering basic boxes and bags which are of modern manufacture and standard size and quality, offered as a standard fixed-price item. For example, we are looking to source a plain wooden box which could then be used as such or decorated, painted, carved etc by the buyer. OR, it could be bought ready-painted. The bespoke version, of course, would then become a one-off item and no longer retail at the standard price.