Deluxe rigid-boxed items

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General description

This box is 93mm square, with a height of 45mm and is made of a strong card (1200gsm) with a high-quality finish. It is available in two colours – black and ivory – and in addition to the Rainring card deck and instruction booklet, also contains a silk/polyester fabric square for laying out your spreads of cards. Finally, a summary version of the meanings of Rainring cards is available from the PDF featured on this site. [ A greatly extended version of both meanings and instructions can be accessed by purchasing the 270-page ‘A Guide to Rainring Cards’.]

De-luxe standard box1

deluxe 2


The lower image above shows the standard deluxe package, with our top-quality box and silk-polyester reading cloth, together with the instruction booklet  – the latter being standard issue with all 4-mention packs.

The fabric squares

These are 56 cms (1’10”) square  – a comfortable size for laying out spreads, fold neatly into the box and come in a choice of 9 non-intrusive colours. This choice gives the purchaser a number of options in terms of the vibration added by the fabric colour, yet ensures that none of the colours on offer will distract the querant or card reader.