Standard rigid-boxed items

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General description

These boxes are 89mm square, so that they fit the 88mm Rainring cards like a glove. The height is 38mm and they are made of recycled card at a weight of 800 gsm. This gives a light but rigid box with a lift-off lid, which will stand more wear than a standard-issue tuck box. These boxes are available in a range of ten colours, and for even greater security can be housed in a bespoke pouch, bag or box – of your own sourcing or from Rainring itself.

All standard boxes come with both the Rainring card deck and our fully detailed instruction booklet. A summary of the meanings of the cards can be accessed as a PDF from  this site. A greatly extended version of both meanings and instructions can be accessed by purchasing the 270page A Guide to Rainring Cards

Standard box colours


these colours are identified as follows:


Each box is provided with top and bottom labels, and sealed, so that when sent out or purchased retail it will look something like the illustration below:

IF PURCHASING ONLINE, to avoid delay it is recommended to specify both the colour desired and if applicable an acceptable replacement.



Above :standard-boxed cards ready for shipment