August 2018

I took delivery of the 1-mention version of the cards some time ago, and have just released a video announcing these cards and discussing how to read them. In the end, howver, I ordered only a few sample packs as I did not have the means to order in quantity at a price which would enable me to sell at a viable return.

So the commercial availability of these packs has been put off for the time being. I have also begun work on a book composed of illustrations of the cards accompanied by text shedding light on the place of each card in the story on which the cards are based, the characters and places featured etc.

Both of these, I hope, will be due for launch at some point during the winter.

May 2018

The 1-mention version of the cards. This is now with Chris, who does the graphics work for us. The accompanying booklet has been written and Chris and I are finalising the cover. Once this is in place, we will prepare the cards for the printers, then go through the lengthy process of requesting proofs, taking delivery, checking the proofs etc and finally getting the cards printed. We will post here as soon as they are available to purchase.

Video. The editing for the series of 22 Rainring instruction videos for the 4-mention cards (what I call the’ scenic route’) is now complete, and these will continue to be uploaded monthly to the Rainring Cards channel on You Tube, with number 8 due in early June 2018 and the others at monthly intervals.

The new version

The new version of the Rainring 4-mention cards, including the new card, a new and updated format for the instruction booklet, and a wide variety of packaging options, is now available. [September 2016] 



Feb 13th 2016: The lower and earlier image certainly has to be updated! The image immediately below shows the final cover, front and back.


In the end, this whole process took over 18 months from the moment in the early summer of 2014 when Lucy said that she felt a book was necessary for someone trying to learn to use the cards. I’ll write about the process in some more detail elsewhere.

Next step:

There is a new card, or rather, a new illustration for a card which has only existed so far in makeshift form. When I decided to feature in the book only this new form of the card, I knew that it was therefore necessary to revise the cards. As a result, this has become the next stage in the commercialisation of Rainring: we have already taken the first steps towards putting on the market a new-look form of the cards, a process which we anticipate may take several months. Again, more elsewhere.

I will update this page as soon as the new version becomes available commercially. In the meantime, the book is now available online via the shop at


Here is the title part of the front cover of the book which constitutes the guide to the 4-mention version of Rainring Cards. We are not yet quite ready for publication, but expect to get there no later than January 2016.

Feb 13th 2016: The above certainly has to be updated! The second image below shows the final cover, front and back.


snip of title