Alt Guide offer

West Sussex, 01.06.2018

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Q: What’s in it for us at Rainring?

A: We want to both develop the public profile of Rainring, and encourage and support people interested in reading the cards, whether just informally for friends or even, ultimately, professionally.


Q: What’s in it for you?

A: if you have six minutes to spare, you can find out something about that with Peter’s pitch for Rainring: 

What’s in it for at least a couple of people out there: why not a new career?


1) A pack of Rainring cards (price £24.99) for £10.  (An instruction booklet comes as standard with this, and for a summary of the meanings of the cards, you will be able to access the pdf on this site.)

2) The book ‘A Guide to Rainring Cards’. (price £15.99) for £10 (You can check out an extended sample of this on this site).

To access this combined purchase special offer, use the SPECIAL tab at . You pay a total £20 plus p&p standard charge. Please quote ‘Alt Guide offer’ in your email to Paypal.

3)  You will also be able to get some free support from us for your card readings. Details will be sent along with your purchase.

Summary                                                                                                                                                  The offer advertised here is exceptional and for a limited period only. If you are reading this, you have struck lucky! This is strictly a promotional price, to run during the June-July-August edition of the Alt Guide, but can’t be offered on a permanent basis.


Peter, Hacina – for Rainring