Special offer

West Sussex, 01.09.2018


Here’s the SPECIAL OFFER   details

1) A pack of Rainring cards (price £22.99) for £10.  (An instruction booklet comes as standard with this, and for a summary of the meanings of the cards, you will be able to access the pdf on this wordpress site.)

2) The book ‘A Guide to Rainring Cards’. (price £15.99) for £10 (You can check out an extended sample of this on this wordpress site).

 To access this combined purchase special offer from 01-06-18, use the SPECIAL tab at www.rainringcards.com/Shop.aspx . You pay a total £20 plus p&p standard charge.

Please specify whether you want a tuck box or a standard rigid box and if the latter, what colour?

Summary                                                                                                                                                  The offer advertised here is exceptional and for a limited period only. If you are reading this, you have struck lucky! This is strictly a promotional price and will close on 30th September 2018

Peter, Hacina – for Rainring